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Interlighting system is a solution placing supplementary lighting within the high wire crop canopy in greenhouse, replenishing light direct to the shadowed part of the crops to enhance photosynthesis.

Thanks to the low inrush performance and current flow, allowing the Interlighting system, a single connection to support long run of luminaries; leading a significant saving on time, installation materials & cost.

Energy Efficiency
LED Solution

Product Features

Boost Yields

Increase crop yields by applying light within the high wire crops canopy


Minimize energy cost with a system efficacy of up to 3.3 µmol/J

Plug & Play Design

Bi-directional light distribution offering balance light to surrounding leaves, ensuring crops receive sufficient light even it’s growing near ground

Low Heat Radiation

LED lights produce significantly less heat than traditional lights, enabling closer to plants with better efficiency


With passive cooling design without moving parts, easy to install for lower setup cost


With daisy chain and plug & play design, it is convenience to install and maintenance and able to save costs

Energy Efficiency

Optimal Spectrum


High Quality

Product Specification

Luminous Intensity Distribution Diagram



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